After a very successful toy and book drive, held during our Xmas lunch, Garry and Mark took charge with the delivery to the Smith Family ware house.

A big thank you to all who gave, gave, and gave  on the day making it a special day for us all, I hear it will be bigger and better this Xmas.  Peter.

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Renmark National Rally SA
Renmark National Rally SA
Renmark National Rally SA
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Renmark National Rally SA
Renmark National Rally SA
Saturday Dinner
Renmark National Rally SA

SAM 1631: Line up of Victorian members cars at, the February 2018 outing in northern Melbourne.

SAM 1634: Is one of these not the same, or are all of them subtlety different? 1959 and (a) 1960 Cadillacs present at the Victorian February 2018 event in northern Melbourne.

SAM 1640: Stunning 1960 Biarritz owned by our Host, David Rayner, as displayed at the February 2018 outing of the Victorian Club.

SAM1629: Father and Son team, John & Michael Bergin, making lots of delicious smells, mmm sausages and chops, in preparation for lunch at the February 2018 Victorian club outing.

SAM 1630: The host of the CLC himself, David Rayner OAM, cooking everyone Steak to Order, underneath his spectacular covered entertaining area in February 2018.

Sam 1643: David may like to provide a caption for this picture, for fear of me getting it wrong?

196x Zodiac, in immaculate condition, with a low xx,000 miles, and proudly owned by David Rayner for 42(?) years now.

SAM1635: “Million Dollar Grins” on the 1950 Coupe De Ville owned by Chris Salisbury and Gudie Pohlmann, and the 1955 Coupe De Ville owned by Tim & Cathy Little.

SAM 1636: Curved Rear Ends, and the Fins inspired by the P51 Lightening, “Forked Tail Devil” WW2 fighter, on the 1950 Coupe De Ville owned by Chris Salisbury and Gudie Pohlmann, and the 1955 Coupe De Ville owned by Tim & Cathy Little.

SAM 1633: The cavernous interior of the (working) 1964 Miller Meteor bodied Hearse, owned by Victorian member Phil Smith. The Electric Three way Table is shown here on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

SAM 1622

Michael Butler, son of former member Frank Butler, with his 1952 Sedan. Michael has been associated with this car since before he could even see the top of the Hood, and he advises the car has been RHD, and in Australia, since 1954. We welcome him back to our club (as an adult!) and in his own right.

SAM 1623

James Wodya with his 1975 Eldorado, at the Victorian Club’s New members Day, in January 2018

SAM 1625

1968 Eldorado and owner Rob Watson of the Victorian Club, at The Caribbean Gardens in January 2018

SAM 1627

Andy and Lorraine Hutton, recently joined members of the Victorian Club, standing proudly beside their 1970 Eldorado.