Our club was founded in Australia in 1970, and is affiliated with the Cadillac LaSalle Club Incorporated, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

The primary purpose of our club is to encourage the restoration, preservation and use of all Cadillac and LaSalle vehicles regardless of age, and to promote activities in the interests of club members.

Through these activities, and our quarterly publication "La Cad", we strive to uphold the great tradition of Cadillac and LaSalle cars, and their owners.

We have about 600 members and around 1000 cars. Our Cadillac Club events include drive-in nights, displaying our cars in car shows, and runs to places of interest. Any person with an interest in these cars is most welcome to join, ownership of one of these vehicles is not a condition of membership.

The pictures on this website have been provided by the webmaster and various other members of the Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia. They may be used for non-commercial use provided that acknowledgement (and if on a website, a text link) is given to the Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia. Thank you.