Now that you've looked at our photo album, your heart is probably beating a little faster and you feel the need for your very own four wheel love affair. So where do you start? Probably the best way is to join the Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia where you are in contact with a great bunch of guys and girls, some of whom may have a vehicle for sale. In fact, some of the cars pictured in the photo gallery may well be for sale. Check out our message board too and leave a message of your own.


Ken Moss 5th June 1923 - 16th December 1997

Who was Ken Moss and why do we honour him?

The late Ken Moss was a Cadillac owner and driver for 46 years after buying his first Cadillac in 1951. This claim alone may be unique in Australia. Ken had restored two early Cadillacs (1912 and 1927) and was well advanced on a third (1903) before there were any one-make car clubs in Australia to support such an interest.

Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia Tracing Your Cadillac's History


Many of us would like to know more about the history of our car. Sometimes we have little to go on, maybe just a few snippets of information from the previous owner. Sometimes it could even be a claim that once it belonged to Elvis or some other celebrity! In this case it may be possible to find a photo of the celebrity with the car in an old newspaper or magazine. 

NSW club plate compliance information


Are you complying? Be aware of the RTA policy for veteran and vintage vehicles. This policy has been jointly produced by the Council of Veteran, Vintage and Thoroughbred Motor Clubs, the Council of Country Antique Motor Clubs and the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). Veteran and vintage vehicles are issued with Unregistered Vehicle Permits (UVPs) by the RTA to allow them to be driven on public roads for specific purposes. Construction.

Going Up In a Puff of Smoke.....
words of advice from the ACT Fire Commissioner, Jim Dance

by Peter Ratcliff

Most of the Cadillacs on this website, and indeed, throughout Australia are right hand drive.

Right hand drive has an interesting history, and few countries have clung to it as keenly as has Australia. There are many theories about the origins of right hand drive. RHD dates back to well before motor cars, in fact to horse-drawn days. It appears that riders have always mounted horses from the left, so that mounting platforms were on the left of the track. In crowded areas, it made sense to stay on the left of the road once you had started there. That may or may not be the correct explanation, but it does not explain why the US decided to abandon RHD at the end of the horse age.

Here is a collection of "good restorer's" through to complete basket cases - the sad thing is I think we would like to save them all. I found them on photo sites on the web and I think all are in the US.

WARRENImage, Michigan — While General Motors Chairman Rick Wagoner fights for his job and GM vehicle sales continue their roller-coaster ride, the company's Performance division has readjusted its sights to focus on . . . a 1954 Cadillac?